Force- Free Dog Training, LLC
by Jeff Holmes

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dogs make the world a better place for those who are experiencing the worst. Many dog owners  today are interested in sharing their dog's joy of the world with others. One of the most generous and rewarding ways to do this is through Therapy Dog work. Cricket is happy to serve!

A Therapy Dog is simply a dog who cheers up people who are in bad situations. From hospitals, orphanages and nursing facilities, to visits to survivors at crash sites and locations of natural disasters, Therapy Dogs lift spirits where they are lowest.

To simply touch a sweet, friendly dog gives tremendous relief to those who are suffering. You can see it right there on a patient's heart monitor. When in the presence of a gentle, friendly Therapy Dog, blood pressure and heart rates always go down as the soothing effects of a happy, smiling dog take hold. In many cases, these lowered heart rates have been shown to last for hours after a visit ends. Some Therapy Dogs work more with patients in their rooms and some work more with those loved ones who wait, wracked with stress or grief, in the lobbies and waiting rooms at hospitals.

Cricket learns the ropesJeff Holmes has been training dogs for Therapy Dog work throughout his career as a dog trainer. From the basics to the specific, more advanced training Therapy Dogs require, at Force-Free Dog Training, LLC, we will help you to get your dog trained and we will be with you through Certification testing.
Cricket visits a nursing home
There are a number of local organizations you and your Certified Therapy Dog can join and make visits with on a regular basis. Some mix it up a lot and others have regular stops they like to make. For instance, our local chapter of the So. Cal. Newfoundland Club visits the Orangewood Home for Children in Orange every week. One of our Certified Therapy Dog graduates visits battered women's shelters exclusively with her owner on a regular basis.  
You don't need to join a group or go as a bunch. With your Certified Therapy Dog, you can go on your own to the facilities you choose, as often as you would like, coordinating directly with facility administrators. Therapy Dogs in nursing homes can leisurely drift through the halls with you, visiting quietly with a multitude for as long as you'd like to stay. Therapy Dogs in hospitals may visit specific patients in their rooms, visit many patient rooms or just hang around the waiting rooms spreading joy.

There are few things as rewarding as bringing happiness to those who are suffering.  The intense gratitude expressed by those who are cheered by a Therapy Dog is reward beyond what you would ever ask for, but you'll get it every time!

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