Force- Free Dog Training, LLC
by Jeff Holmes

Private Training for Pups and Dogs of all ages
                              Serving all of Orange County   

            Gentle, effective, easy to learn techniques for lasting results!
Cupcake is advanced!
The top Dog Training in Orange County. Using our methods, Dog Training will seem like a game. And - it's a game your dog can always win!! 
We offer a Variety of Programs to suit the needs of any dog. Our Private In-Home Dog Training service will be tailored to your dog's particular needs.

         Dogs do not all fit neatly into the same mold, and adjustments often need
                  to be made to get the desired results in Dog Training.

Service Dogs enjoy going anywhere you can goJeff Holmes is an Animal Behaviorist  Jeffs Akita, Timber
with 20 years experience working with dogs, and one of the top Dog Trainers in the industry. Jeff employees the use of positive/negative reinforcement, Operant Conditioning and Behavior Modification techniques for lasting results.

Working with Jeff Holmes, you will learn gentle Dog Training techniques that are fun and easy to perform, with results you will see immediately. You WILL see a marked
provement after 1 lesson. Our goal is a dog who responds to you reliably for the sound of your voice alone.

Jeff Holmes will provide you with the tools and skills to truly succeed with your dog. For those who want to get the job of Dog Training done & move on with life, Jeff Holmes is the Orange County Dog Trainer of choice.

               Train a dog well, you train him once and it lasts a lifetime.

Jeff Holmes & his pride & joy, TimberAngie thinks the teacher is O.K.!Dakota doesnt take it all too seriously!
I am passionate about dogs and I have dedicated myself to helping them and, most importantly, helping you the owner to enjoy your dogs to the fullest extent. In all my years, I have never used a choke chain and I have never failed my clients.
I have helped to further develop the full scope of Force-Free training techniques and Operant Conditioning devises. I will continue to do so in a never-ending attempt to lessen the burden of training our beloved dogs.
                                                                     - Jeff Holmes
                                                                     Trainer, Animal Behaviorist

                           No dog is too old for Training
Any Behavior Problem CAN be Solved! 

    We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for your convenience
         Serving all of Orange County

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